October 5, 2007

Frankenstein, Executioner of Evil

“My Frankenstein is a nightmare executioner of evil, caught up in freakish tales of Martian slavery and poisoned nature.”
- Grant Morrison

The Seven Soldiers of Victory is a DC Comics superhero team with ever-changing membership. In its last incarnation, starting in 2006, writer Grant Morrison inserted his own revisionist Frankenstein into a massively complex, multi-character, crossover series comprising seven different titles and art by a who’s who of artists. Overall, the megaseries dealt with time, space, alien plague and threats of global devastation, and was meant to shake up the very fabric of the DC Universe (for the umpteenth time).

Here’s a synopsis of the Seven Soldiers' Frankenstein story arc on Wiki, and a mind-bogglingly detailed overview on the Wiki-like Barbelith. Here’s a review of the entire Seven Soldiers saga.

Morrison’s Frankenstein wears the tattered Hussar’s uniform of his Napoleonic era origins, He carries an antique “steamgun” and an Archangel’s mystical sword. The powerful art for the 4-issue Frankenstein story arc is by Doug Mahnke. In issue #3, a sexy and very deadly Bride is introduced, with recognizable electric hair and, er, four arms.

The Seven Soldiers of Victory series is collected in four graphic novels, with the Frankenstein stories appearing in volumes 3 and 4.

See a portfolio of Doug Mahnke superhero art.

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