October 7, 2007

The Posters of Frankenstein

A unique, expressionistic poster for the Swedish release of the 1931 Frankenstein, from the collection of Jean-Claude Michel.

Michel, as he loves to note, was born in Brittany, just like Colin Clive, Universal’s original Dr. Frankenstein. He fell in love with monster movies upon seeing Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein when he was 12. He began writing about horror films in 1957 and served as European correspondent for Famous Monsters of Filmland and Cinefantastique. He was a co-founder of L’écran fantastique magazine and the Paris Fantasy and Science Fiction Film Festival, where he would meet such genre luminaries as Peter Cushing, Vincent Price, Paul Naschy, Christopher Lee, Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and “Coffin Joe” José Mojica Marins.

Michel is pictured here, demonstrating his Frankenstein credentials, as he appeared at the launch of L’écran fantastique, in Paris, 1969. The magazine would evolve from a fanzine to a successful and highly influential periodical that is still going strong today, almost 40 years on.

I am happy — and honored — to report that Mr. Michel, with his typical generosity, will be sharing his wonderful collection of Frankenstein posters and advertising material with us.

Merci, Jean-Claude!


rob! said...

oh wow, thats beautiful--i like that it mostly stays away from the color scheme you'd typically associate with Frankenstein.

Pierre said...

Right. A very original poster in design, execution and subject matter. A real gem.