January 22, 2008

Frankensteinia Nominated for a Rondo Award!

I am floored.

This blog has been nominated in the Best Website or Blog category for a Rondo Award, “recognizing the best in monster research, creativity and genre appreciation”. The Rondos are sponsored by the Classic Horror Film Board, and organized by the tireless David Colton.

There are no words to express my pride and my gratitude for this nomination.

I started this blog, basically, to have fun and to share things I know, and things I find interesting. This nomination tells me that I have somehow succeeded in reaching and entertaining fellow classic horror fans. This nomination tells me that all the work was worth the effort, and it gives me the confidence to barge ahead.

I encourage you, dear readers, to participate and vote for the Rondos. The ballot is here. Simply cut and paste the ballot into an email and send it in. You MUST include your name and provide a valid email address. You can vote in as many or as few categories as you wish. Yes, you can vote for Best Website or Blog alone, just clip out that category and send it in — and thank you for considering Frankensteinia — but do check the long list of website and blog nominees, lots there to discover and appreciate.

Voting on the Rondos closes March 8. Don’t wait, participate today! Express your preferences and join what Wikipedia calls “the largest online survey of its kind”.

Heartfelt congratulations to all the nominees, and thanks again to my friends and supporters for the nomination.

The Rondo Awards site.

The Classic Horror Film Board.


Dread said...

Well deserved! This is the most informative and interesting genre related blog on the net. I sincerely hope Frankensteinia wins this category.

Max the drunken severed head said...

VERY much deserved!

Congratulations, mon frere!

Now that I'm sober again today's earlier celebration, I shall have to have several drinks in your honor.

Pierre Fournier said...

Thank you, Dread! Now go and vote!

Max: Don't waste time getting sober, just keep drinking.

rob! said...

congrats, and yes, well deserved!

IL said...

Damn. I knew the competition would be tough, but not this tough! Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination.

Flickhead said...

I agree with the others -- WELL deserved! Congratulations!

Joe Thompson said...

Pierre: Congratulations on the nomination. I voted for your your blog and nominated you for Monster Kid of the Year.

Joe Thompson ;0)

Dave said...

Congrats on the nomination. I voted for you.

Pierre Fournier said...

Thanks very much, everyone, for the comments and the nice emails. Much appreciated!

Eid said...

Félicitations, Pierre.

You deserve it!

Pierre Fournier said...

Merci, Jean-Paul!