January 24, 2008

Giving Back To Vampira

She is gone, but her stage persona, Vampira, lives forever, as an indelible cultural icon.

Maila Nurmi’s influence has spread far beyond the narrow perimeters of the horror field, but she never really profited from her inestimable contribution to popular culture. She never collected any royalties for all the copycats, the rubber masks and the merchandizing her fabulous creation inspired. Still, it’s not too late for us to show some gratitude.

Friends of Maila Nurmi are seeing that she gets a deserved, dignified memorial service and a decent interment at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Money is needed. Please consider making a donation, however humble, to the Maila Nurmi Memorial Fund.

All the details are posted at Vampira’s Attic.


B-Sol said...

Any news on what came of this?

Pierre Fournier said...

Check vampirasattic.com for updates.