September 25, 2008

Flash for Frankenstein

Out of London, England, artist Aaron Blecha produces illustrations and character designs for books, toys and video game companies.

His Monstersquid website and blog are filled with hilarious cartoons. I love his pirates, blobby aliens, drooling zombies, and Star Trek: Next Generation caricatures.

Blecha also does a mean Frankenstein Monster.

The black and white illustration at top is from a very brief, “blink and you’ll miss it” Flash animation clip.

Look here and see the Monster zapped awake and roaring. The most entertaining five seconds you’ll have today!


Mina Jade said...

I'm glad to find this horror blog - I do love horror and everything what is dark.

Gray Witch said...

i love some of the things on that blog. thank you.

B-Sol said...

Best title for a post, ever.