September 24, 2008

Frankenstein For Food

Frankenstein in Love, Clive Barker’s radical reworking of Mary Shelley’s themes, is being revived by the Will Act For Food theatre company of Chicago. The play opens on Thursday, September 25, and will run all the way through Halloween, until November 1st, at the Chemically Imbalanced Theater.

Tickets are very inexpensive — who charges $18 for a good theater seat these days? — and you can even shave of $3 in exchange for a non-perishable food donation. It’s all part of the WAFF’s mission of “professional artists devoted to feeding the Chicago community through theatre and service”, measuring its success by meals served, not just seats filled.

A special Cans For Cash night will be held Saturday, October 18, where the admission goes up to $30, but can be paid entirely in food, a dollar off the ticket price for every non-perishable food item donated. After the show, patrons are invited to mingle with cast and crew and enjoy refreshments and live music.

Frankenstein in Love is a challenging and provocative play that mixes Frankensteinian themes, political allegory, romance and gruesome Grand Guignol. It’s a bold, audacious choice of programming made even more interesting by the WAFF’s admirable commitment “to feed the Chicago community physically and artistically by raising food for the hungry while hand-in-hand creating thought-provoking theatre.”


Will Act For Food website, and their Frankenstein in Love page and presskit.

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Todd said...

My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing this last weekend and heartily recommend it. The cast is superb and the staging is unique with the audience literally sitting in amongst the action. There are some fun Grand Guignol stage tricks and lots of blood to thrill the audience. (A small bit of advice, you might not want to wear white when you go, I came home with a couple of small blood splatters on my trousers!) If you have an opportunity to see this by all means go, and donate a can of food for the food bank as well.