March 29, 2009

Branding Frankenstein 1970

Made in 1958, Frankenstein 1970 projected into the future in name only. The producers apparently toyed with Frankenstein 1960 and Frankenstein 1975 before settling on a moderate twelve-year leap.

Though it is better known under its original title, the French-dubbed version was also released under a curious, alternate title, “Frankenstein contre l’homme invisible”, Frankenstein versus The Invisible Man, no doubt suggested by The Monster’s head-to-toe bandages.

In Sweden, the film was released as “Frankenstein hämnas”, Frankenstein’s Revenge. The similarly titled Hammer film, The Revenge of Frankenstein, also made in 1958 but delayed in Sweden until 1967, was called “Frankensteins blodiga hämnd”, Frankenstein’s Bloody Revenge.

Best title by far belongs to the West German release, where the film was shown under the alchemistic title of “Die Hexenküche des Dr. Rambow”, The Witch-Kitchen of Dr. Rambow.

Frankenstein 1970
The Hand of Frankenstein

rhsmith on Karloff and Frankenstein 1970


rob! said...

Oh, that poster on the left is soooo sweeeet.

Arbogast said...

It looks like a crime thriller!

JSaM said...

I really like your blog and this film is one of my favorites ('nuff said). I assume the "witch's kitchen" bit is an archaic reference to alchemic laboratory doings. I wonder if the "Dr. Rambow" reference was used because there are probably a number of real "Frankensteins" in that neck of the woods. I seem to remember that A.I.P. ran into problems with their Dr. Goldfoot films because an actual Dr. Goldfoot brought suite against them. Keep up the good work!