April 14, 2009

Dick Briefer's Frankenstein Revisited

Cartoonist and animator Doug Gray keeps a lively blog called The Greatest Ape where he posts classic humor comics by the likes of Carl Barks, Walt Kelly and Harvey Kurtzman. Gray is currently showing some of Dick Briefer’s lighthearted Frankenstein stories.

There are classic strips here, like Frankenstein and The Mummies, and Frankenstein and The Terrible Werewolf. Check out the insane Frankenstein and The Time Machine where our hero and Professor Goniph careen through time, forwards and backwards, colliding with martian invaders along the way. Briefer dresses The Merry Monster in a futuristic costume and as a musketeer, and there’s even a “it’s a bird, it’s a plane” joke thrown in.

It’s fabulous, wigged-out stuff and the scans are gorgeous, the colors really pop. You'll come away just shaking your head at how brilliant Dick Briefer was.


Doug said...

Aha, I was wondering where all the traffic was coming from...thanks for the linkup! You have a GREAT blog here!

Pierre Fournier said...

Great! I'm glad you're getting traffic from this post! You've got a heckuva fun blog going, and your Briefer posts are outstanding. I love the latest one with Briefer's Monster served as a hot dog.

Doug said...

Yeah, those splash pages are top-notch!

The traffic means that a lot of people must be digging Briefer's comics, and that's awesome. I think his stories deserve to be collected and available.

I'll probably post some more Frankenstein down the road, considering the response. I think I have at least 2 more issues that Pappy didn't have on his blog.