April 11, 2009

The Porcelain Bride of Frankenstein

Russian-born artist Marina Bychkova creates delicate porcelain dolls as visual narrative. These figurines are meant to tell stories, haunted fairy tales if you will, or perhaps inspire observers to imagine their own scenarios.

The stunning and highly original Bride of Frankenstein doll has pale blond hair and a Steampunk headpiece that powers her brain. She wears a wedding gown, after Erté,
that reveals the cruel scars where her heart was put in.

Bychkova writes that the figure was inspired in part by the comics and paintings of fellow Vancouverite Camilla d’Errico, and the romantic fantasy art of James Christensen.

Bychkova builds every doll from scratch, designing, sculpting and casting the body parts, firing and finishing each piece.
The dolls, 34 cm high (13.5 inches), are meticulously assembled using spring-loaded ball and socket joints that allow for intricate posing. Painting and hair complete the figure, sometimes further embellished with jewelry and elaborate costumes. The entire process is explained in detail, with images, here.

Marina Bychkova’s website, Enchanted Doll, is packed with information, a blog, and an extensive gallery of her astounding work.




I'm a huge fan of Marina Bychkova's Enchanted Dolls for a very long time now and always thought of, but forgot to pass along info about her Bride doll...

At least you've discovered her too! Either way, LOVE the post!

Doctor Grymm said...

This is just Awesome! You may also be interested in seeing the "Eye-Pod" I created in the style of Shelley's Frankenstein.


Thanks for posting all this awesome information!

~Doctor Grymm

Pierre Fournier said...

Hey Doc, I also like the clockwork heart you did.

Unknown said...

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Thanks! You have an awesome blog.