April 30, 2009

The Posters of Frankenstein :
German Frankenstein Conquers The World

The World Holds It’s Breath: Frankenstein Lives!

This German poster for Ishiro (Inoshiro) Honda’s Frankenstein Conquers The World (1965) features a striking blood-splash background and The Monster’s face painted so as to suggest an exaggerated simian profile, no doubt to justify the unusual title that translate roughly as Frankenstein, The Fright With The Ape Face.

The Covers of Frankenstein: Famous Monsters of Filmland No. 39


wich2 said...

It looks more like he's straining to release a monsterous... well, you know...!

Pierre Fournier said...

Something radioactive, I'm sure.

John Rozum said...

It's not a great poster in terms of how it represents the movie, though it's a toss-up (probably my last meal) on which monster was more hideous, the one on the poster or the one in the movie.

Even so, this poster has a lot of energy and immediacy to it. It seems like it could have been painted in fifteen minutes, but not because the rendering is lacking, it just has that kind of energy behind it.

The tagline is great though.

Christopher said...

well he ain't no gorilla-whale