April 27, 2009

Pride and Prometheus wins Nebula Award

The prestigious Nebula Awards were handed out in Los Angeles on April 25, 2009. Pride and Prometheus, by John Kessel, a wonderful story mashing Jane Austen and Frankenstein, was voted in as the year’s Best Novelette by the members of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

Kessel's story is also nominated for a Hugo Award, to be presented at the World Science Fiction Convention to be held in Montréal in August.

- Read Pride and Prometheus.

- Author John Kessels homepage.

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Christopher said...

I've been reading parts of it..What a great Idea..and appropriate too..Austen and Shelley..What took them so long to meet??

Evan J. Peterson said...

This seems to be an emerging literary meme, Austen-meets-undead. I'm sure you've heard about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, yes?


Pierre Fournier said...

There's also a movie in the works called Pride and Predator. Jane Austen meets killer extraterrestrials!

Christopher said...