May 16, 2009

More Runaway Brain Designer Toys

The dazzling 1995 Mickey Mouse Meets Frankenstein short, Runaway Brain, is proving popular with designer toy sculptors. Following up on my last post about the vinyl figures by Mediacom Toy of Japan, here are some more versions offered through Sideshow Collectibles.

The figure at top is the crazed, Maniacal Mickey who’s had his brain electrically switched with that of a Kong-sized Frankenstein Monster.

Also available is the mad scientist monkey, Dr. Frankenollie (at right) whose name is a playful homage to legendary Disney animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson. These were sculpted by David Pacheco and cast in porcelain.

Still available from Sideshow is 2007’s Runaway Brain Mickey sculpted (I love the drool effect) by Monster 5 for Span of Sunset. This one’s an articulated vinyl figure available in standard color, a “neon” version (pictured below), as well as versions in candy red, and chrome (photos of the color variants appear on Vinyl Pulse). The Span of Sunset figures are packaged in a cereal box with a t-shirt and a pack of trading cards.

Runaway Brain, the seven-minute short from 1995, is up on YouTube.

Mickey’s Frankenstein Figurines
Frankenstein Meets Mickey Mouse

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