August 18, 2009

Frankenstein is in The House

In his first film role, Craig Dobbs plays a nasty looking, bad tempered Frankenstein Monster in House of the Wolf Man, a feature-length retro-horror film written and directed by Eben McGarr.

In a loving, meticulously done homage to the House of monster rallies of the Forties — it’s even in black and white —the film reunites all the usual suspects. Dobbs’ Monster is joined by Michael R. Thomas’s Dracula (a dead ringer for Lugosi) and Ron Chaney (Lon Jr’s grandson) in a double role as a mad scientist and the Wolf Man — featuring a startling, original makeup by Michelle Chung. Additional critters include John McGarr as a ghoulish butler named Barlow, and a creepy arm- and leg-less gypsy.

The film premieres on October 1st at the Vista Theatre in Los Angeles, to be followed by a limited theatrical release before it goes to DVD.

The House of the Wolf Man website has a really neat, old fashioned trailer up (it plays as soon as you click over) and stills of the cast.


JimShelley said...

Wow! That looks incredible! It really captures the feel of the old movies, but has some of the new sensibilities of current movies (like when the Frankenstien monster throws the Wolfman across the room). Can't wait!

Alexander said...

Great looking Frankenstein design. Ghoulish and decayed but at the same time classic.
I also hope we get to see the monster take on Dracula in this one since the two never fought eachother in a battle to the death in any of other the "House of" movies.

zencat said...

Looks terrific. I'll be at the Vista to see this on Oct 1st.

Joe Jusko said...

THIS LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!! I was wondering when someone would do a Universal tribute the right way and erase the travesty that is "Van Helsing". I can't wait to see this!!!!!

Sam said...

I'm definitely going to pick this up when it comes out!

Christopher said...

dang!..The guy playing Dracula looks exactly like Lugosi in those long shots..I'd mistake him for the real thing...Sherlock Holmes music :o)

lucas accardo said...

Great Frankenstein Make Up!
Reminds me of the works of the amazing Tom Savini!

Ron Adams said...

If you're in the Pittsburgh area or one of the mid-western states like Ohio, Indiana, West VA, Illinois..HOUSE OF THE WOLF MAN will be at The Ligonier Theatre, Ligonier, PA for the second sneak peek premiere. Details on YouTube at:

Reception with producer/actor afterward.

Also, more info at:



Max the drunken severed head said...

My review of this film is posted here: