March 18, 2011

Frankenstein Live in Leeds

It’s Springtime for Frankenstein in the UK. Even as the National Theatre’s play triumphs in London, BBC Television is staging a major live event in Leeds this weekend. You are cordially invited to Frankenstein’s Wedding.

In Mary Shelley’s novel, Victor Frankenstein reneges on a promise to create a bride for the Creature who, betrayed, warns, “I shall be with you on your wedding-night!” That night has come, this Saturday evening, as Victor (Andrew Gower) and Elizabeth (Lacey Turner) tie the knot at Leeds’ Kirkstall Abbey, its majestic ruins bathed in lights.

An onsite audience expected to top 12,000 is invited to dress for the occasion and participate in a special wedding dance. Meanwhile, cameras will follow The Monster (David Harewood) as he makes his way through the city, intent on confronting his maker and bride-to-be.

Billed as a Romantic Horror Spectacular, the elaborate event, combining live drama, music and dance, goes live March 19 on BBC3 at 8PM, local time. It’ll also unfold on Twitter. Preparations and character “video profiles” are available to see on the BBC3 website, and on YouTube for viewers outside the UK.

Hopefully, the proceedings will be recorded and made available to the rest of the world.

BBC3 page for Frankenstein’s Wedding.

Video Diaries on YouTube: Victor, Elizabeth and The Creature (whose handheld camera may induce motion sickness!), and here’s the Audience Dance Tutorial.

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R. C. Fountain said...

That is so cool! I only wish I could be there to take a few snaps myself.