March 21, 2011

Frankenstein's Spectacular Wedding

Andrew Gower, Lacey Turner and David Harewood starred in the BBC3’s Frankenstein’s Wedding, beamed live from Leeds across the UK on Saturday night, March 19.
Reviews of the multimedia play are mixed, but everyone agrees it was an impressive spectacle. Adam Sherwin of Beehivecity gave the show full marks, writing “It was undoubtedly the sort of event that only the BBC can pull off, a huge-scale live production involving the public, staged with wit and intelligence, which didn’t sacrifice the drama despite the enormous technical challenges.”
Reporting from Kirkstall Abbey on a cold, moonlit evening, Alfred Hickling of The Guardian writes, “As a technical feat, BBC3's enterprise is undeniably impressive. But as an audience member, you feel strangely isolated and incidental to the main event. It may be one of those occasions when you just had to be there – at home, watching it on TV, that is.”
Dan Owen of Obsessed With Film was among the underwhelmed, finding that “no passion, pace, or humour to Frankenstein’s Wedding”, adding, “It’s hard to imagine anyone had a good time watching this (even goths and emos would have found it pedestrian and dull), although it’s admittedly good to see BBC3 try something bold and creative.”
Perhaps The Guardian’s John Baron offers the best overview, stating, “As an experiment in televisual drama, I think the jury's very much out - on the TV brave-ometer, it was pretty much off the scale.

Here's a slideshow on The Guardian, and a very large selection of images on Flickr.
Update: See Frankenstein's Wedding Album, courtesy of the BBC.

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