May 16, 2012

A Frankenstein Mashup

Here’s a glorious homage to The Monster by maverick filmmaker Larry Fessenden, stitching together scenes from 27 different Frankenstein movies. Fessenden’s fiercely independent films include No Telling (1991), released in some markets as The Frankenstein Complex.

The clip here was created for a fund-raising evening last February hosted by Fessenden on behalf of Radiohole, a Brooklyn-based ensemble who are mounting a performance called Inflatable Frankenstein, due to open at The Kitchen in New York City in January 2013.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for Inflatable Frankenstein. Meanwhile, feast both eyeballs on Larry Fessenden’s Frankenstein Mashup!

Radiohole website.
Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix.


Nashville handgun said...

What a cool video! Thanks for posting that. That was fun!

T. Noon
Nashville handgun

Eric said...

Hi, I'm writing to the site administrator. Your site is very cool - thank you. But the May 16 post with Larry Fessenden's mash-up is misinformed.

That is, in fact, Larry's awesome mash-up.

BUT "Inflatable Frankenstein" is NOT Larry's project. It's a project of a completely separate entity called Radiohole which is a Brooklyn based performance ensemble.

We are indeed developing a performance called "Inflatable Frankenstein" and it will open at the Kitchen in NYC in January 2013. Larry created the Franken-mash-up video for a benefit for this project which he hosted back in February.

Just wanted to clear that up. If you'd like more info about "Inflatable Frankenstein" you can check out or e-mail


Eric Dyer

Pierre Fournier said...

Eric: Apologies for the mixup and thank you so much for sorting out the info. Corrections made. Thanks again, and here’s looking forward to INFLATABLE FRANKENSTEIN.

Jeffrey Eernisse said...

That was incredible. Thanks so much for making it available.

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