May 18, 2012

Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein

The Great Detective and Dr. Watson are called to Darmstadt, Germany, to investigate a curious case of purloined corpses and strange goings-on at Castle Frankenstein. That's the springboard for Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein, currently in pre-production from director Gautier Cazenave’s Marteau Films of France, in collaboration with the UK-based Parkland Pictures. The film shoots later this year.

In an inspired bit of casting, Shane Briant, once Peter Cushing’s assistant in Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell (1974), Hammer’s last Frankenstein film, will return to the saga as the Burgomeister. Also appearing is actor Clement von Franckenstein — the real Baron Frankenstein — cast as… Baron Frankenstein!

The atmospheric poster was created by Gil Jouin who collaborated for over 15 years with his father, Michel Jouin, famous for his film poster work on the French release of such titles as Return of the Jedi and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Gil Jouin’s solo work has also been celebrated, winning the Best Film Poster Cesar — the French Oscar — for the film Cinema Paradiso in 1990.

We’ll report back on Sherlock Holmes vs Frankenstein as the project evolves. 


Anonymous said...

>Also appearing is actor Clement von Franckenstein — the real Baron Frankenstein — cast as… Baron Frankenstein!<

Hate to betray my prejudices, but -

- can he act?


Pierre Fournier said...

Can't judge his talent, but his IMDB page lists 106 titles working under his real name or, earlier, as Clement St.George.

Craig said...


Sounds seasoned to me!


Anonymous said...

Not the best spot to post this but links to contact the man with the plan for this site were not installed correctly according to this guys computer and the other one would not allow this computer to get through. That being said Love what you have done and are doing. This new one sounds great would love to get to know it. As for the reason of being here, seen preview to movie year or two back and it was new then too, probably no older than three years old. It was about reanimation. This guy (son to the doctor) is granted permission to either see his Fathers work or work with him. Upon seeing his pops he quickly says something of the nature like so your just a modern day Frankenstien (seemingly surprised). Canot find the name of the movie anywhere, believe it to be horror film, has many 'new' effects. Thought the doctor was Danny Huston, does have much of the same look going on but according to wikipedia it is not the Dster, have tried many sites inmany ways it was a big project doubt it was independent very professional, great effects, nice music score, seemigly great script. Do not remeber movie that had the preview, figured it be easy to find later on. Just hopeing for a name man, Thanx for your time!