October 23, 2012

Frankenstein, by Sergio Sierra and Meritxell Ribas

We could have Frankenstein Book Month with graphic novels only, considering the number of comics adaptations published worldwide. At hand is a Spanish version (in its French-language edition) by Sergio Sierra and Meritxell Ribas.

While rigorously faithful to Mary Shelley’s original, writer Sierra infuses Frankenstein with an intensely romantic and perfectly gothic sensitivity amplified by artist Ribas’ highly stylized scratchboards. There’s a bit of a Tim Burton vibe to the doll-like characters with their large heads, big eyes and tiny hands. The giant Monster, rendered with angular features and dead white eyes, is a formidable presence throughout.

The Barcelona-based Sierra and Ribas are frequent collaborators. Their Frankenstein was originally published in 2009 by Parramon Ediciones of Badamon, Spain, and Éditions Petit à Petit of Darnétal, France. Earlier this year, Meritxell Ribas illuminated a collection of classic vampire stories published by Mondadori, adding a startling red to her signature black and white scratchboard illustrations. 

Readers seeking this or any other foreign graphic novels I’ve mentioned this month might try Amazon or Abebooks. 

Sample pages from Sierra and Ribas’ Frankenstein


Ana said...

And this goes straight to my 'gotta read it' list.

What beautiful work!

Gill MAUR said...

Hello !
I'm Gilles MAURICE, a french illustrator based in Lyon (FRANCE) and I already worked with the director of "Petit à Petit", a french publisher. This comic book that you show is really great, the images are beautiful.

With regard to what you seem to appreciate, I suggest you to have a look here: http://gilles-m.over-blog.com/article-gorgeous-frankenstein-part-3-112265429.html. I really love old horror movies (especially the James Whale's Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein), so this year, I chose to draw some great characters that we all know. I hope you will like it.
Best regards,