October 31, 2012

Shell Out! Shell Out! The Witches Are Out!

October has counted down and Halloween is here. Some pesky real-life obligations kept me from posting as much as I had planned to this month, but that’s ok, its Halloween every day here and my Frankenstein Book Month Event will spill into November and run a few more days.

The spooky season always brings heavy traffic to the site, for which I am grateful, and a link back posted on The A.V. Club sent my hits into the high stratosphere. Here’s hoping all you new visitors will come again! Most of all, I want to thank John Rozum and crew for pulling together well over 200 bloggers for Countdown to Halloween 2012. It was a hit from day one, and a hit for 31 days running! John, you bring Halloween to the web, and I dedicate the following to you…

Here, produced by the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a fabulous 5-minute featurette on Halloween from 1954. You see kid decorating for the occasion, creating their own costumes and trick or treatin’ to the chant of Shell out! Shell out! The witches are out! I love the kid in the Frankenstein mask. I think he could be the first Monster Kid.

Click here for streaming video (and a 15-second commercial), and enjoy!

Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

John Rozum said...

Thank you, Pierre! What a great clip.

I think our final tally for the Countdown was 272 participants, which means I have a lot of catching up to do, so I'll be reading Halloween posts into the New Year.

As always it was great to have you taking part.

Happy Halloween!