January 7, 2013

Cagney Does Frankenstein, Again!

Here’s a fun followup to my recent James Cagney Does Frankenstein post! Cartoonist Al Kilgore asks What if Warner’s had made Frankenstein? The fantasy cast, it turns out, has Humphrey Bogart as the mad scientist, Edward G. Robinson as Fritz and, yes, Jimmy Cagney as The Monster!

Al Kilgore (1927-1983) was a supremely talented and versatile cartoonist. Among other things, he drew Bullwinkle comics and syndicated strips, and he excelled at celebrity caricatures. As a fan of classic Hollywood movies, he contributed portraits, realistic or cartoony, of the Golden Age greats to professional and fan magazines, including Screen Facts and Leonard Maltin’s Film Fan Monthly. He was a founding member of the Laurel and Hardy appreciation society, the Sons of the Desert.

More to see: Check out the bio and lots of Kilgore’s gorgeous art, on Drew Friedman’s blog.


B Piper said...

What a surprise! After your previous Cagney/Frankenstein post I looked everywhere for this cartoon, having remembered it from an old Famous Monsters (or Monster World). Nice to see it turn up.

Mr Black said...

I like this Illustration. Your blog is wonderful.