January 11, 2013

Inflatable Frankenstein

If you’re in the New York area, you might want to head for the The Kitchen on 19th Street and catch Radiohole’s world premiere performances of Inflatable Frankenstein. Eric Dyer and his co-conspirators have created a unique theatrical event inspired by the life of Mary Shelley, her Frankenstein, the films of James Whale and their countless sequels, with a bit of Antonin Artaud’s Theater of Cruelty and lots of inflated plastic grocery bags thrown in.

Inflatable Frankenstein, we are told, is about the act of creation and the Meaning of Frankenstein as a metaphor for everything. I might add that it demonstrates, yet again, how Frankenstein is infinitely malleable, interpretable, and a springboard for wild creativity. Critics approve. The New York Times’ Ben Brantley writes, “Yuck, what a mess. What a sticky, goopy, embarrassing, all-over-the-place and absolutely necessary mess.”

Hurry up and see Inflatable Frankenstein, playing now as part of the COIL Festival until January 19. Tickets are only $20! It will also unfold on March 22 at EMPAC in Troy, NY.

The Kitchen’s page for Inflatable Frankenstein.
EMPAC's page, with slide show, for Inflatable Frankenstein
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The New York Times review, with slide show.

A Frankenstein Mashup featuring Larry Fessenden’s superb montage of Frankenstein clips. 

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There's also a very inspiring 2 hour podcast conversation with Eric Dyer on OK Radio. http://okradio.org