January 28, 2013

Frankensteinia Night in London!

Posting here has been rather sparse recently as I have been busy with professional pursuits, promoting my books as co-creator/writer of the Red Ketchup series of graphic novels. Now I’m putting the blog on a short hiatus as I’ll be traveling over the next three weeks, first to the Angoulème comics festival in France, and then on to Paris and London on a bit of an off-season vacation combined with some on-the-spot Frankenstein and Mary Shelley research. I think I’ll have some interesting new information to share with you when I get back.

If you are in Angoulème this week — January 31 to February 3 — pop over and say hello! I’ll be at the La Pastèque stand, #N11. And if you’re anywhere near London on February 12, come celebrate Frankensteinia Night!

My friend David Saunderson of the splendid Spooky Isles blog and Spooky London Pubs is honoring Frankensteinia and having me as a guest for a casual, friendly meetup at the Doric Arch Pub on Tuesday, February 12. Also present will be We Belong Dead editor Eric McNaughton; fellow Rondo Award winner Stephen Jacobs, author of Boris Karloff: More than a Monster; Howard Jackson of Red Rattle Books, publisher of Frankenstein Galvanisedand Chris Priestley, author of Mister Creecher and other suitably spooky books. Festivities begin at 7PM, and we’ll all make a short hop over to nearby Polygon Square where Mary Shelley was born.

All you have to do is show up. I’d love to meet you! If you want to let us know you’re coming, leave a note at the Spooky London Pubs site, or on the event's Facebook page.

Frankensteinia, the Frankenstein Blog, will be back online on Saint-Valentine’s Day. 
See you soon!


Anonymous said...

Look forward to seeing you in London! Cheers David

Wich2 said...

Just wonderful, Pierre. Wish this sometime-Monster could be there!