July 1, 2013

Frankenstein Ads

The Frankenstein Monster has enjoyed a busy and enduring career as an advertising pitchman. Here’s a recent ad for T-Mobile spoofing AT&T's TV spots where an adult interacts with children. This one, substituting The Monster, is shot on a fantastic laboratory set, featuring a stylistic mashup meeting of a classic Universal-style flattop Monster and a Hammer/Cushing-like Dr. Frankenstein. There is also a fake "outtakes" video.

Casting back to 2010, click the image or follow the link to Ads of the World and watch a witty ad for the Crunch Fitness chain of gyms. This one's very much worth a look.

With thanks to Joe Thompson.

The Pitch of Frankenstein
The Beer of Frankenstein
Frankenstein Gets Relief

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Joe Thompson said...

The monster is handy in commercials since he is so quickly identifiable. I'm glad I could contribute something to your wonderful blog.