October 30, 2014

Breaking News! Halloween Celebrations Extended!

Er… Have you noticed, my Countdown to Halloween celebrations have yet to kick off?

Apologies. Professional obligations have taken up all my time this month, and I even managed to get in some serious Frankenstein-related research that I’ll be sharing with you in due time, so it’s all good. Nevertheless, I had a series of very special posts meant for Countdown October that I’ll be running now, beginning on Halloween day. Put it this way: I’m not late… Think of it as getting a headstart on my Countdown to Halloween for 2015!

Starting now — just a taste, above. Be sure to click the full feature to see it bigger — and through the next two weeks, I’ll bombard you all with a series of posts dedicated to the great Feg Murray, newspaper cartoonist and radio personality of the 30s and 40s whose Seein' Stars feature carried loads of monster art, mostly Universal films and frequent Frankenstein art. Feg Murray was, I believe, the #1 master of monster movie art before Basil Gogos came along.

Don’t forget to check the Countdown to Halloween site and have fun clicking through all the blogs that have made this Halloween another spectacular event. And be here tomorrow and over the days to come for the Feg Murray Art series, brought to you with the indispensable complicity of movie monster historian extraordinaire, George Chastain.

Happy Halloween!


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Any further info on Karloff's artichocophobia?