October 4, 2014

Mike Mignola's Frankenstein Underground

The big Countdown to Halloween celebrations are underway and I’m just catching up now. My contribution this year will be mostly art — and I have some eye-popping treats coming up for you! — so it’s very appropriate to kick off with this sumptuous illustration by the great Mike Mignola.

The news hit earlier this week and you can read all the details in the MTV interview with Mignola about the Frankenstein Underground miniseries coming next Spring wherein our favorite Monster becomes part of Mike Mignola’s superlative comics universe.

Mignola’s very personal version of The Monster was first introduced in The House of the Living Dead one-shot, illustrated by Richard Corben. Now we’ll be getting the backstory and continuation of The Monster’s highly unusual adventures written — and with covers — by Mignola, and interior art by Ben Stenbeck. This one is definitely something to cheer and to watch for.

The annual Countdown to Halloween Event, hosted by John Rozum and Shawn Robare, brings together some 200 (!) bloggers to celebrate Pumpkin Season. 

Just click the Creature from the Black Lagoon badge on the menu, top right, and access the complete list of participants. It’s a joyful embarrassment of chilling riches!


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