August 20, 2015

Have some cake!

I want to take a moment before this day runs out and note that this blog was launched on August 20, all of eight years ago. Eight years! I don’t know how that happened! I was just fooling around, honest, and I never thought I’d make it past eight days, maybe 8 weeks tops and, well, look at us now. I just checked my stats counter, and we’ve clocked a bit over two million visits in eight years. Two million! How did that happen?

Posting has been sparse over some time now, due mostly to real life butting in. Lots of things keeping me busy, and I won’t even mention my recent Hard Drive meltdown and the loss of research material I had failed to backup properly. Otherwise, it’s been a very good time, being busy with my graphic novels for the French market, and busy with TV, movie and web series writing, all good news for a freelancer. I also was the subject of a TV documentary, how about that! On the side, I never stopped researching Frankenstein in all its aspects and I’ve amassed tons of great new material.

Now I’m on top of things again and I’m undertaking a much busier posting schedule. Very shortly, I’ll be running a series celebrating the 80th anniversary of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) and, after three years of research, I’ll be posting about the Forgotten Frankensteins of the Thirties! Earlier this year, I made a pilgrimage to Malibou Lake just outside LA, where they shot the Little Maria scene for FRANKENSTEIN (1931) and I’ll be sharing that, and lots more finds and surprises over the days, weeks and months to come.

I made a lot of real friends here over the years, and I got to visit with some of you as I traveled to New York, Louisville, London, Paris and Los Angeles. I hope to see you all again, and meet new friends along the way. You all are the reason I keep doing this.

So join me, and do have a slice of birthday cake, won’t you?  


Semetra said...

I don't have cake--alas only late night toast and an cocktail (pathetic I know). Congratulations. I've enjoyed reading since discovering Frankeinstenia in 2010. I really look forward to more. Cheers!

Rick said...

That cake is delicious...all frosting and pixels. Just the way I like it.

Congratulations, Pierre, and Happy Anniversary! It's been a great eight years and here's to eight or eighty more.


John Cox said...

Congratulations on 8 years, Pierre. Your blog has been an inspiration.

Mr. Cavin said...

It was a magnificent blog eight years ago and it's eight times as magnificent now. My adoring gratitude, Pierre! And here's to many more seasons, a book in three volumes, and a movie adaptation.

(All I have at hand is a Twinkie that has been re-wrapped after being dipped in bourbon-flavored dark chocolate. Sort of a Frankencake, I guess, that has been cobbled together from other dessert stuffs. Cheers.)

Kid said...

Happy eighth Birthday. And many more of them.

Spence said...

Enjoy the Frankensteinia blog very much. Many interesting articles and archival photos.

Plague said...

Here's to, say, another 80 years!

wich2 said...

A hearfelt salute, Pierre! May your hideous progeny continue its wonderful life for many years. (And let me know, next time you're in NYC...)


Fr@nKeIn$OuNd said...

friends Good !!!

I love too :picture with Boris smoking and drinking between 2 takes.
He was human after all?