August 19, 2015


Directed by Paul McGuinan, VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN, the “biggest” new Frankenstein picture in years awaits release, come late November. James McAvoy plays the title role, but the film’s point of view is that of perennial assistant Igor, played by Daniel Radcliffe.

At top here is the American trailer, released this week. The next one here is the UK trailer. It’s worth watching both, offering very different views of the same film. The American trailer plays up the humor and the chaotic thrills on tap, with McAvoy delivering a number of quips. The UK trailer, with opening narration by Radcliffe, is more straightforward, rock score aside, notably with a hint of Igor’s past as a hunchback, and a good look at a horrific monkey-monster.

We note the now inevitable “It’s alive!” line, first introduced as “It Lives!” by Richard Brinsley Peake in 1823 for the first Frankenstein play, Presumption, or The Fate of Frankenstein. Peake also introduced the assistant, named Fritz. Ygor with a “y” was introduced by Bela Lugosi in SON OF FRANKENSTEIN (1939).

Note also a quick shot of free-floating eyeballs following a light source, first manipulated by Peter Cushing in Terence Fisher’s THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1956).

If you care to google, there’s a lot of buzz about the film, including video of Radcliffe and McAvoy discussing the picture at this summer’s San Diego Comicon.

Looking forward to this one.  

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Semetra said...

There is clearly a difference in the approach to the branding in these trailers. Question is, which one is truer to the film. I am not personally a fan of Branagh's film with De Niro, so I feel like there is not a lot that can "hurt" the story, especially since it is clearly based on film versions from the 20th century and not trying to be faithful to the MS masterpiece. On the other hand, the abrupt introduction of the inspector in the US trailer reminds me of the unfortunate slipping in of the historical Frederick Abberline in the 2010 reworking of The Wolfman. Certainly will see! Love the information about about Brinsley Peake, did not know that. Thanks!