January 1, 2018


Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus was first published on January 1, 1818.

200 years ago today.

Posting here resumes shortly. On, now, to Frankenstein’s third century!


Kött inspektionen said...

Congratulation Marys Monster!
Look in to the exhibition "If I cannot inspire Love, I will cause Fear" at Kottinspektionen, Sweden - Uppsala.


On the bottom of the page you finns some pix from the exhibition.
/ Helena L

Irene D. said...

Wow a blog about #Frankenpedo. I'm gonna be sick. What's with you Saint Boris fanboys and all that gray on black?? It's dreadful to senior eyes! You're supposed to be in your 80s by now. Anyway. Have you seen my blog, yet?? :) Your plaster saint mythos has been debunked. Worse than Bill Cosby, he had strong Ian Watkins leanings. Find out at: The Untold Truth About (degenerate) Boris Karloff. Or #BondageBoris, which is what he was. From his BDSM perversions, to the James Whale casting couch, his tawdry sex life, how & why he ruined Bela Lugosi & of course, his notorious kiddie pix. Sicko that he was. etc... Just follow the trail or google it... xoxo Irene D.

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John Cox said...

Miss the blog. Hoping to see you come back.