December 31, 2019

Frankenstein Event of 2019

As a new year rushes in, full of promise, we glance back at the year just spent and note that Frankenstein truly is forever. Two centuries into its career, The Monster is as busy as ever on film and TV screens, on stages, in comics and graphic novels, in fiction, cultural histories, and all manners of manifestations. 

The date I choose to remember for 2019 is December 12, when the gavel came down and Bernie Wrightson’s astonishing wraparound cover art for his illustrated Frankenstein book of 1983 was sold at auction. The price was 1.2 million dollars.

This appraisal speaks to the excellence of Wrightson’s art, his passion. It also speaks to the enduring fascination with Mary Shelley’s singular vision. Brought together across time, Mary Shelley and Bernie Wrightson achieved something profoundly original and extraordinary. 

Happy New Year.

Download a pdf copy of the Profiles in History auction catalog.